The study of required Skills and Abilities in Handball Coaches
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1Associate Professor in Sport Management, Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Isfahan,Isfahan, Iran.
2Master of Science Student in Sport Management, Sport Sciences Faculty,University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
As the handball players progress in the technical world, their training has become the focus of their coaches. To achieve this goal, handball coaches need skills and abilities The overall aim of the research was studying about required skills for handball coaches in order to achieve effectiveness and success.
Descriptive research was used to conduct the survey. All coaches had level 1 coaching cards and 136 people were estimated according to the Handball Federation. According to the model of Katz (1964) which a generic skill for effective managers provided. Data collection tool was a questionnaire in which three indicators of technical, human and perceptual skills were adjusted based on coaches' duties. Justifiability was confirmed by experts and stability of thesis was acquired in a primary study through Cronbach's alpha.
Results revealed that handball coaches respectively need perceptual skill (m=4.74), human skill (m=4.51) and technical skill (m=4.33) for providing effectiveness and success. Among indicators of technical skills, coach's skill in technical and exclusive planning got the highest average and among indicators of human skills, understanding individual differences during exercises and among perceptual skills, the ability to use tactical changes as optimized as possible had highest averages in final minutes.
According to the consequences, it is recommended to observe some skills such as troubleshooting among players, analysis of the position of the competition and how to take the chances, managing the change, yielding the responsibilities and effective decisions in order to improve the perceptual skill in players. Human skill, as well, should be improved by holding training terms and these educations must be unconsciously expressed in coaches to be permanent. Considering the technical skill, coaches must take some time learning the required technics. Since the root of the problem is the lack of managing skills, some decisions must be made for both long –term and short – term planning. Taking a look at future, they can train and teach the coaches to be hired afterwards. Short – term planning is about to up bringing quality coaches.