The Relationship between Social Physique Anxiety and Body Composition in Physical Education Students of Tabriz University

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1Motor Behavior, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran
2Motor Behavior, Tabriz University
Social physical anxiety is one of the types of anxiety that is important due to the interactive effect between the body and the community, and the body composition is composed of fat mass and lean mass that represents the health and ability and apparent beauty of individuals, and we investigate this research. We correlated the two indicators.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between Social physique anxiety and Body Composition in Physical Education Students of Tabriz University.
This is a correlation study. For this purpose, 53 students were selected through random access sampling method from Physical education students of Tabriz University. The information about the social physique anxiety scale was collected using a questionnaire (Hart et al.) And a body composition with a physical compound analyzer (X-Contact 350, Jawon Medical). Descriptive statistics were used to describe the data and inferential statistics of Pearson correlation coefficient (P >0.05) was used.
The results of correlation analysis were (r = 0.093 and p> 0.05). According to the results, there is not a meaningful relationship between social physique anxiety and body composition.
Social anxiety is a psychological variable and because it is rooted in the judgments of others and society, it is also considered a sociological variable, which is why the society in which the individual lives has an impact on evaluation. Body composition also reflects one's health, fitness, and appearance, which in addition to enhancing physical fitness improves physical and psychological symptoms. But based on the results, it is not possible to predict or judge social anxiety by assessing body composition.