The effects of acute beetroot juice supplementation on interleukin-6 and growth hormone levels induced by an exhaustive exercise session in athletes men

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1Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science , Karaj, Iran
2Islamic Azad University Abhar Branch, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science , Abhar, Iran
Intense and long-term physical activity can increase inflammatory factors in the body . chronic elevation of this factors weakens the immune system and affect athlete's performance. beetroot juice supplementation has anti- inflammatory properties that can reduces inflammatory markers and improve athletes performance .The purpose of the this study was to investigate the effects of Beetroot Juice on interleukin-6 ( IL-6 ) and growth hormone ( GH ) levels induced by an exhaustive exercise session in athletes men .
24 athletes men (Age: 20.318±0.893 years, height: 175.568±7.55 cm, weight: 70.709±10.107 kg, BMI: 22.872±296, VO2max: 54.363±4.477 ml/kg/min, lean body mass 57.9±410 Kg, body fat percent 15.86±0 ) were randomly assigned to one of 3 trials and performed an incremental test until exhaustion . 1: beetroot juice supplementation and daily routine training (BT) 2: placebo and daily routine training (PT) 3: No supplementation and physical activity (C). Beetroot Juice and Placebo was consumed for 6 days (3ml/kg/daily) prior exhaustive exercise test. blood sample was collected before and immediately after exhaustive exercise.
The results of the this study, using covariance analyzing, showed that the IL-6 and GH significantly increased after exhaustive exercise in 3 trials (P˂0.05) . But there was no significantly difference in BT group compare to PT and C ( P˂0.05 ) .
According to the results in this study beetroot juice supplementation was not significantly efficient on IL-6 and growth hormone Levels. it seems that for benefits of beetroot juice we should ingest higher dose or more duration of this supplementation.