The purposive study of sports marketing published articles of Isc journals in sports management in Iran with regard to the consumers' behaviours component

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1Islamic Azad University, Tehran Shomal Branch
2Member of Scientific Board of Allame Tabatabaei University
In the contemporary era, consumers' behaviours still has an essential influence in selling and the marketing as well . Over the time, not only its importance has not decreased, but it raised up significantly. There are lots of sports marketing articles which utilizing to the one of the consumers' behaviours elements in recent years . The purpose of study is content analysis of sports marketing published articled in these mentioned journals with regard to the consumers' behaviours. This survey is a quantetive one, The studys' paradigm is interpretation, the samples are 58 from 16 Isc journals in Iran between 1390 to 1397 and the research strategy is explicit content analysis as a strategy and the tactic of study is ecxplicit content analysis, the data format is published ducument as the articles of the latest years which was observed and analysed through Max Q D A. software version 18. And the the ultimate output have showed by software. As the result, the 59 percent of published sports marketing articles have studied the loyalty and satisfaction of the consumers and the 22 percent of them was involved in word of mouth area and the 16 percent of them have devoted to the qualities of the products and the 3 persent have studied the other issue. These Max Q D A output illustrate that only three area of studies of consumers behaviour was determined and the other important factors of the consumers' behaviours as individulity, culture factors, social ranking of families, values and life styles and so one are less considered or not considered at all, it is highly recommanded to the researchers of the field to pay more attention to the other elements of the consomers' behaviour and applied the new studies.