The Effect of National Media on Cultural Acceptance of Female Spectators in Iranian Football Stadiums

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1Associate Professor, Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran
2Graduated M.S. Marketing Management in Sport, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran
Today's football spectacle is an example of a popular leisure activity among the community that brings exciting moments to the stadiums with spectacular entertainment and It prevents social damage and enhances intellectual, moral and physical abilities (Gray, 2018). However, the presence of female spectators in Iranian stadiums faces a major challenge that the media can serve as a fundamental tool in examining social, informational and educational issues (Goodarzi et al, 2019), an effective step towards the cultural acceptance of female spectators in Iranian football stadiums. In this regard, the researcher seeks to study the desirable effect of the national media on this challenge. This research is a qualitative and exploratory developmental research that 27 people were selected by purposeful and snowball from elites and professors specialized in sport management and they went through in-depth and semi-structured interviews to get a theoretical saturation. Data analysis was performed according to the Ground Theory and the Glaser approach during three stages of open coding, axial coding and selective coding theory. Seven participants were provided the extracted model and codes and confirmed the findings, validity and reliability of coding. The results showed that there are two internal (public and professional management of audiovisual) and external (general: government, parliament, leadership and specialist institutions: sports federations, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, physical education departments) can have positive and varied effects, such as the primary consequence of the cultural acceptance of female audience presence and the secondary consequence of female audience presence in Iranian football stadiums; So given that sports and the media interact directly, By educating, guiding and empowering public opinion, we can culturally welcome female spectators to Iranian football stadiums. To have a favorable impact on the development of the spectator culture and the passionate presence of male and female audiences, the reduction of verbal violence and abusive behaviors, the development of investor sponsors and marketing, That ultimately brings the growth and development of Iranian football.