The effects of specific SportsMetrics™ training program on functional performance in young soccer players

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1MA of Sport injury and corrective exercise, faculty of sport science, Bu-Ali sina, University, Hamedan, Iran
2Assistant professor in sport injury and corrective exercise, sport science faculty Bu-Ali Sina ,University , Hamedan, Iran
3Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Humanity and Social Science, university of Kordestan, Sanandaj, Iran
Physical fitness is one of the essential needs of Soccer players. The Soccer players need factors such as speed, agility and power to reach their team goals. The SportsMetrics Program is a neuromuscular program designed to prevent injury. SportsMetrics includes dynamic warm up, plyometric jump training, strengthening, speed, agility and flexibility. Although the SportsMetrics is a well-established protocol for injury prevention among soccer players, the program’s performance enhancement aspect is not frequently discussed in the literature. Therefore, the purpose of this study was
to investigate the effects of six weeks specific SportsMetrics™ training program on functional performance in young soccer players.
The study included 29 young male soccer players from Sanandaj city, who were randomly placed in an experimental group (n = 15) and a control group (n = 14). The experimental group underwent the specific SportsMetrics™ training program for six weeks (three times per week) and the control group continued their regular training. The study adopted a pretest posttest design. The outcome measurements included the following tests: vertical jump, 50-yard sprint run, Illinois agility run test. Data were analyzed using paired t test (p < 0.05).
Vertical jump and agility were significantly improved in the SportsMetrics™ training program group compared to the control group (p < 0.05). No statistically significant difference in sprint parameter (p>0.05) was found between the groups.
The results show that the SportsMetrics™ training program may improve the performance of young soccer players. The focus of these exercises is on plyometric training, reactive and reaction exercises, which is why agility and muscle strength factors are so important in plyometric exercises. It is recommended that training be conducted either during the off-season or just before the start of the athlete’s sport season. This study may serve as the foundation for further studies with larger participant numbers.