The effect of TRX suspension training with practical blood flow restriction on growth hormones and some physical fitness factors in active females

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Sport sciences faculty. Urmia University. Urmia. Iran.
TRX suspension training is a functional resistance training that includes multi-joint exercises. These exercises do not require expensive sports equipment and large spaces. However, performing the some of these exercises are not possible for everyone. On the other hand, blood flow restriction (BFR) is a new method that frequently used by sport professionals. In this method, benefits of high intensity exercise can be observed with low intensity. Therefore, maybe we seen advantages of the low-intensity TRX exercises in combine with BFR.
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of TRX suspension training with practical BFR on growth hormones and some fitness factors in active females.
Thirty physical education students involuntary participated in this study. Participants randomly assigned to three groups includes low-intensity TRX with BFR, high intensity TRX, and control. Training groups performed 8 weeks with 3 sessions pre week. BFR was performed using elastic knee wraps on thigh muscles with 7 out of 10 perceived pressure scale. Blood samples were taken to measure growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth hormone-1 (IGF-1) serum levels. Physical fitness factors were measured by lower body 1RM strength test, lower body 60% 1RM muscular endurance test, 20-meters sprint test, and 4X9 meters agility test. Data were analyzed by analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with Bonferroni post hoc test.
The results showed that TRX training with and without BFR significantly increased the GH, IGF-1, strength, muscular endurance, speed and agility compared to control (p ≤0.05). However, TRX with BFR significantly increased GH, IGF-1, strength, muscular endurance compared to high intensity TRX (p ≤0.05). Additionally, no significant difference was found in speed and agility between training groups (P˃0.05).
According to findings of present study it seems that TRX suspension training with BFR can increase growth hormones levels and led to improvement in physical fitness factors such muscular strength and endurance, speed, and agility. Therefore, this functional suspension training with BFR can used for improvement of physical fitness in beginner peoples, rehabilitation and recovery form injury in athletes.