The Relationship between Physical Activity and Social Health of Customers of sports clubs in Tehran

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1فارغ التحصیل گروه مدیریت ورزشی / دانشکده تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی دانشگاه تهران
2استادیار گروه مدیریت ورزشی / دانشکده تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی دانشگاه تهران
Background: Physical activity as a social principle, along with the process of socialization in any society, entails social and cultural mechanisms. Physical activity In addition to being considered a social benefit to any society, it has other social benefits such as increasing self-esteem and confidence, improving and improving social abilities, enhancing solidarity, participation, cohesion, encouraging the best in society, improving and enhancing public health. There are individual and social functions in society and other functions that can be considered part of the explicit functions of sport in society. Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between physical activity and social health in Tehran sport clubs. Methodology: This is a descriptive correlational cross-sectional study that was carried out using two Keys social health questionnaires (1998) and Beck physical activity (1982) questionnaires. The statistical population of the study included all the men participating in Tehran's sports clubs with 4000 and the sample was 300 people by random cluster sampling. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, Pearson correlation coefficient and linear regression analysis. Results: The results showed a significant and positive relationship between participation in physical activity and social health. The results of regression analysis showed that 45% of variance in social health is explained by participation in physical activity. Conclusion: According to the results of the present study, it can be stated that culturing, promoting, promoting and investing and ultimately leading the community towards physical activity improves social health and ultimately enhances the quality of life of the community.