An Analysis of the Motives of Sport Volunteers in Ardabil Volleyball World Championship
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1Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran
2Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Ardabil, Iran
This study analyzes the motivations and reasons for the presence of sports volunteers in hosting the World Volleyball League hosted by Ardabil. Volunteer forces are an important set of human resources for recreational and sporting equipment, and are in fact a powerful treasure trove of competition. About 200 volunteers volunteered to participate in the World Volleyball League, and this study sought to determine the reasons and motivations for their presence.120 statistical samples were analyzed using a researcher-made questionnaire with a reliability of 0.78 and a reliability of 0.86.The mean age of the subjects was 21 years and 40% were male and 60% female. Using descriptive-field method, motivations and reasons for the presence of athletes were evaluated and the results showed:8.59% of the participants were interested in the competition, 13.3% due to personal interest. Findings showed that about 37% of them were familiar with the way the tournament was organized, 15% said it was their most important experience to increase their confidence and improve their social activities.Regarding the reasons for attendance: 8.29% expressed social participation, 2.19% expressed interest in exciting activities, 19% expressed interest in helping, and about 11% expressed interest in being valued. Overall, the results showed that the most important reasons for social participation were serving others and having an interest in exciting activities. The information obtained from the research indicates that the most important motivations for volunteers are to gain experience, personal interest and familiarity with management.The results also show that management, increasing self-esteem and improving social activities have been among the major issues for volunteers.These results can be of interest to officials and volunteers in other competitions and other volunteer activities.