Overview of stable development with Environmental approach in the pools of Tehran province.
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1Allame Tabatabaei University
2Humanities, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran
3Faculty of Sport Management, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran
Stable developement is the approach to fullfill human needs and ideals, not only in one country or region but for all the people whole over the world now and in future(linde,1993). Access to environmentl stable developement is one of the vital goals of urban managers and programmers.
According to this fact, the goal of current investigation, beside of admission of mutual relations of triple dimensions (social,economical and environmental), is to emphesize on brief investigtion of stable developement considering environmental approach in tehran province swimming pools and it is also to measure and evaluate of this dimension.

The current study approach is descriptive_analytical which 30 managers where selected by simple accident approach among tehran province covered swimming pools as statistical samples. Measurement tool consists of researcher_made questionnaire which was confirmed by eight experts, then score 764/0 was reached using kronbakh alpha test. Descriptive statistics were used to organize, categorize and summerize of raw data. Statistical approach to analyze of data was fridman and one_group T, using SPSS 21 software.

Discoveries indictes that although the number of meaningful level test of environmentl pollutant parameter is 01.0, there is not meaningful relationship between two other parameters. And the average of all environmental parametes are above 3 and this amount is much more than the average amount. So it indicates that parameters according to environmental element of stable developement of tehran province covered swimming pools are not in an appropriate situation. Among these parameters, the highest score is accordig to environmental pollutants and the lowest score is accordig to continental planning.

According to environmental parameter and the least attention is according to continental plannin among environmental elements of stable developement. Which managers can produce more appropriate condition with more emphasize in developement of environmental element of stable developement of tehran province covered swimming pools.