The Study of Opportunities and Threats facing Physical Education Graduate Students' Research and Educational Activities in the Field of Entrepreneurship
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1Associate Professor in Sport Management,Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
2Master of Science Student in Sport Management ,Sport Sciences Faculty, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
Entrepreneurship is the most important resource of innovation, employment, growth and development. The overall goal of this research was to study opportunities and threats facing research and educational activities in physical education graduate students' of Esfahan and Hamedan University in the field of entrepreneurship.
The research was descriptive and the research method was applied research. To implement this kind of research, the survey method has been used. The data has been collected by questionnaire and interview. Justifiability of questionnaire has been studied by professionals’ and experts’ opinion and the validity of the questionnaire has been obtained through Cronbach's alpha (α=0/96).Statistical population has been chosen among 534 persons from graduate students of the Faculty of Physical Educational in Esfahan and Hamedan University in 2017. According to Cochran's formula, Morgan's table and using cluster method, 335 persons was identified as the sample size. Data analysis was done with SPSS software version 19 through descriptive and inferential statistics, inferential statistics was through t tests (p >0/05).
The results of the research have shown that the opportunities facing graduate students' research and educational activities were lower than average level in all three component; entrepreneurship knowledge, the entrepreneurship ability, entrepreneurship attitude and entrepreneurship innovation. The weighted average in University of Isfahan (2/04) and in University of Hamedan (2/16) show that respondents believe that entrepreneurial opportunities in Isfahan and Hamedan University are lower than average
Thus, we can say that physical educational graduate students' in Esfahan and Hamedan University are facing serious threat although the existence of these threats does not mean the opportunity.