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1Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science , Karaj, Iran
2Iran Football Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation Center (IFMARC), Tehran, Iran
3Islamic Azad University Abhar Branch, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science , Abhar, Iran
During exercise, the oxygen consumption increases which leads to increase in Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and inflammation. While the ROS production in body after exercise to somehow is beneficial but the ROS production will lead to cell and muscle damages.
The beetroot is one of the known plants rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory factors. The objective of this randomized control trial was to evaluate the effect of beetroot juice on oxidative stress markers and cortisol in men soccer players following an aerobic exercise to exhaustion.

Twenty-Four healthy male football players were enrolled in this study and separated in three groups randomly(1.Beetroot juice and routine training(BT) 2.placebo and routine training(PT) 3.without any supplement and physical activity(C)). All the players underwent an aerobic exercise to exhaustion. During the test, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, RER and mask gas analysis was monitored and recorded. Blood sampling was done before and after the test to measure three oxidative markers: Malondialdehyde (MDA, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD),Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) and Cortisol (COR). The intervention group use beetroot juice supplement (3 mL/kg) once a day, after their daily football for six days. On seventh day, all players underwent the same exercise test and blood sampling.

The statistical analyze of data, showed that a 6 day protocol of beetroot juice supplementation (3ml/kg) can significantly increase the superoxide dismutase antioxidant level in blood sample of football players after an exercise test to fatigue (Pvalue<0.005). But the same effect was not seen about the three other markers(MDA, TAC and COR) in BT group in comparison of two other(PT and C ).

Our research showed that the six day protocol of beetroot juice consumption (3 mL/kg) before the exhausting exercise in football players will increase the SOD significantly which has a great role in preventing injuries caused by ROS in the body.
While we did not see any significantly effect of beetroot juice on other stress oxidative markers and cortisol in the body following beetroot supplementation. it seems that for benefits of beetroot juice we should drink higher dose or more duration of this supplement.