The Effect of Internal-External Attention Focus on Fine Motor Skills (Handwriting) in Elementary school Students

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1Allameh Tabatabaei University
2Zahra Salman PhD. Physical Education and Sport sciences Department Allameh Tabataba'i University
3Ph.D Physical Education and sport sciences, Department Allame Tabatabaei
Improving students motor skills due to their important role in students lives has been of interest to many researchers. The type of attention focus is effective on the outcome and efficiency of motor skills. The attention focus improves performance by directing attention to specific aspects or symptoms in the performance condition and keeping the attention needs within the capacitance limit.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of internal-external focus on fine motor performance (handwriting) of the elementary school students. In this semi experimental study, 60 female students (mean age: 8.12 + - 0.21 years) from one of the elementary schools in Tehran were participated which randomly divided into three groups .
The groups were : 1)External attention Group: In this condition, subjects were told to pay attention to the text written on the white board while writing. 2) Internal attention group. in this condition, the subjects were instructed to note their writing style while writing the text.
3) Control group: In this condition the subjects performed the handwriting task without any instructions. The results of multivariate analysis of variance indicated that the process of fine motor skill performance (handwriting) was not significant in any of the internal ,external attention groups compared to the control group (P >0.05).
These results show no difference in the Effectiveness of attention focus instructions on fine motor performance (handwriting) in elementary school students.
Based on the results of the present study, which indicate that the attention focus instruction is not appropriate to improve the fine motor readability, fine motor speed, visual-motor integration, and hand skills of students , it is recommended that use other effective methods and interventions to improve the student's level of learning,
Or use effective changes in the type and methods of giving instructions in order to make attention focus
instruction efficient on enhancing student's fine motor skills.