The effect of TRX exercises on ankle joint proprioception in athletes with functional ankle instability

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1Assisstance Professor In Physical Education And Sport Science, Islamic Azad University Of Takestan, Takestan, Iran
2Master Student Of Sport Injury, Islamic Azad University Of Takestan, Takestan, Iran
3Department of Health and Sport Medicine, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran. Tehran. Iran
4Instructor of Sport Science, Islamic Azad University Takestan Branch
Ankle joint proprioception impairment is one of the most important issues following functional ankle instability. because it has a functional approach, TRX exercises is located the interest of the sports community. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of TRX exercises, as a new version of functional exercises, on the ankle joint proprioception in athletes with functional ankle instability.
A total of 30 womens athletes with functional ankle instability voluntarily participated in this study. Subjects were randomly divided into two groups: TRX exercises, and control group. The ankle joint proprioception was assessed by photography system and recorded in pre-test and post-test. TRX exercises group performed their exercises in 24 sessions during 8 weeks. The control group performed no specific exercise activities. Independent and dependent T test was used for statistical analysis.
Results showed that the improvement in ankle joint proprioception was significant between pre-test and post-test(p=0.001) in TRX exercises group. There was also a significant difference between the ankle joint proprioception of two groups in the post-test(p=0.001). There was no significant difference between pre and post-test in control group(p≥0.05).
improved ankle joint proprioception after the exercises can be attributed to changes in the nervous system motor control programs. TRX exercises provide proximal to distal motor control during lower-limb functional activities due to their impact on the muscles of the central body. Therefore, TRX exercises can be introduced as an effective way for rehabilitation of impairments related to the functional ankle instability.