Effect of proprioception senses stimulation on the functional balance after plantar massage in obes women

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1Payam E Noor University, Tehran Branch
2Payame Noor University - South Tehran Branch
Maintenance of the body’s balance is attributed to the postural control system, which involves motor, sensory and nervous system functions. Obesity and excess weight can alter balance and functional activity. The main hypothesis for decreasing balance control in obese individuals is that plantar mechanoreceptors may be less receptive due to the continuous pressure of a large mass. This article's aim was to stimulate the proprioception sense and evaluate the clinical balance performance after the massage of the feet on Obese Women.
In this semi-empirical study 30 women in 35-45 years of age, with over 30 to 40 body mass index, after application of the inclusion and exclusion criteria were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. Each group consisted of 15 obes women. Intervention protocol included 20 minutes stroking, kneading and friction massage on the feet in the massage group. Whereas no intervention was made in the control group. In this study, the subjects in tow groups performed one leg standing test (OLS) with eyes open and closed before and after the protocol and the results were compared before and afterward. Data were analyzed using paired and independent t-test at a significant level of p≤0/05.
An independent t-test results showed no significant difference between the two groups' average of execution time in one leg standing test with eyes open and closed before the intervention p≥0/05. However, after the intervention, a significant difference in the average of execution time in both one leg standing tests with eyes open and closed in the empirical group compared to the control group was shown p≤0/05.
According to the results, feet plantar massage can estimate the proprioception sense and improve functional balance in Obese Women. Then we can recommend these simple and accessible interventions to obes people in improving functional balance.