Factors Influencing the Shortage of Private Sector Investors in the Country Sports from the Experts' Viewpoint

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1Razi University
2Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch
In the 1990s, sport in the United States was recognized as the seventeenth top industry in terms of turnover, but now with major investments by the government and private sector, the industry is ranked as the fifth largest industry. The country is known (Liu,2019). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the shortage of private sector investors in Iranian sport from the experts' point of view. The statistical population of this study is composed of professors of sport management of universities, private investors and sponsors of national and international sports competitions. 210 people were selected as sample according to Morgan's table (460 persons). The research tool was a researcher-made questionnaire that measured the four economic, organizational, educational, and political factors. Data were analyzed using inferential statistics (Pearson correlation and confirmatory factor analysis) and SPSS and LISREL software. The results showed that lack of government financial support and lack of pay for television broadcasting in economic factor, administrative bureaucracy and selective organizational factor, lack of familiarity with the sports industry market and lack of new promotional methods in sport in educational factor, lack of access to the global market. And the lack of contact with the countries that own the sports industry because of sanctions on the political factor were the most influential factors affecting the shortage of private sector investors in the country's sport. The results of factor analysis also showed that all factors can predict the lack of private investment in sport in the country. Therefore, in light of these results, it is recommended to initially adopt comparative plans with regard to studies in other countries as well as modify government laws and protections to attract these investors.