Identification and Weighting Sport for All Activities Criteria in Islamic Republic of Iran Army

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1PhD Student of Sport Management, Islamic Azad University; Head of Sport Academy of Iran Army.
2PhD of Defense Management; Head of Iran Army Physical Education Organization.
3Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
There have been many efforts in recent years to develop sport for all and increasing sport participation in Iran, but there is still a big gap between our country and developed countries. So, selection of right sport activities and fields for sport for all is very crucial.
The purpose of this study was to identifying the criteria of the sport for all in Islamic republic of Iran army and weighting these criteria with AHP.
The research was applied and conduct by mixed method. All experts of the sport department of Iran Army in Tehran were a sample of qualitative stage, 12 of whom were interviewed in a purposeful and accessible method and completed the interviews with theoretical saturation. Also, the statistical population of the quantitative phase consisted of the managers and deputies of the sport units of army forces and sport officers in Tehran, 25 of whom completed a paired comparisons questionnaire based on qualitative findings.
Data analysis with thematic analysis technique identified 6 main themes and 22 sub themes. The quality of qualitative findings was confirmed by verifying of the participants and calculating the reliability coefficient of the coding. Analysis quantitative data in Expert Choice ver.11 showed that the priority of the main criteria were cost (0.402), space (0.228), applicability (0.123), training capability (0.112), attractiveness (0.091) and versatility (0.043). Also, the sub-criteria were weighted, that low infrastructure capital (0.191), cheap individual equipment (0.109) and the need for flexible space (0.108) were the top three priorities. No need for a dedicated trainer (0.014), attractiveness among community properties (0.010) and attractiveness for private investors (0.010) were the lowest priorities. Consistency of the comparisons was confirmed by calculating the inconsistency rate, which was below 0.1 in all cases.
The cost is the most important criteria in selection of sport for all activities. Pay attention to the priority of other criteria can be used to launch sport for all activities in residential areas of the Iran army.