The Effect of Aerobic various Exercises on Variations of Glutathione Peroxidose-1 & Catalase on wistar Rats Myocardial Tissue
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The major aim of recent research was the study of the effect of aerobic different exercises on variation of Glutathione peroxidase-1 & catalysis on wistar rats tissue or Myocardial. Namely, at first, we selected 48 wistar male Rats, at the age of 8 weeks with mean weight of ±237 g, then keep them on a controlled environment. After that, we divided all of them into 6 group of 8 categories (under control, 8 weekly control, MIT, HIT, MIST, HIIT). Generally, this Exercises continued for 8 weeks, and 5 sessions in every week. But, MIT exercises included running in 47 minutes with severity of VO2MAX %65 speed level on Treadmill. Moreover, HIT exercises was also running with 2 meters speed level in each minute, and increasing gradient in 40 minutes, over versatile strip. This exercises included 8 alternative severe steps with duration of 4 minutes running with% 90-100 VO2MAX, and 4 alternative weakly steps with duration of 3 minutes, and % 50-60 VO 2MAX severity. MIST exercises was done during 30 minutes exercises with mean severity, on every session. Statistical methodology was also included One Way ANOVA method (in order to study better its significant), and James-Hoel continuation Test (comparison intragroup with each other) through the software program SPSS-20 on the significant level of P≤ 0.05.
Results: It seemed that the courses of an Aerobic long and regular sports exercises would be forceful to improve the Enzymes, such as Antioxidant GPX-1 and CAT in wistar rats.