Upregulation of NUNMMUT037723 associated with upregulation of G6pc2 in the liver of prediabetic and diabetic mice

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1Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran
2Department of Exercise physiology, Faculty of Sport sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
3Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
4Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
5Department of Cellular Biotechnology, Cell Sciences Research Center, Royan Institute for Biotechnology, ACECR, Isfahan, Iran.
The purpose of this study to examine new hepatic lncRNA associated with Glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit 2 (G6pc2) in prediabetes and diabetes mellitus.
We screened lncRNAs and mRNAs from dataset -GSE94790- which were differentially expressed in the liver of mice treated with high fat diet vs. low fat diet. We performed pathway enrichment analysis of total mRNAs in the analyzed GEO data, using the DAVID database. Pathway enrichment of gene set revealed insulin signaling as the most strongly enriched pathway followed by energy homeostasis. We used Python programming language to get a subset of lncRNAs located in 50kb proximity with HF-responsive mRNAs. In the experimental phase, prediabetic mice models were fed by the treatment of HF diet for 12 weeks. After the first treatment, HF-fed animals (prediabetic mice) were divided into two groups: HF-trained and HF-untrained. Besides, for diabetic induction, the mice were first fed with a HF diet for 8 weeks followed by injection with STZ solution and then a HF diet for another 4 weeks.
The G6pc2 gene having paired lncRNA (NUNMMUT037723) were annotated in insulin signaling pathway. Hepatic expression levels of the G6pc2 were upregulated in the prediabetic as well as diabetic mice vs. control group. This gene correlated positively with their predicted lncRNA. Interestingly, aerobic exercise reversed the G6pc2 and NUNMMUT037723 expression.
We suggest that the expression level of G6pc2 and NUNMMUT037723 in prediabetes were similar to that of diabetic mice. Also, G6pc2 and NUNMMUT037723 is an important gene in pre-diabetes conditions that is reduced by exercise.