The Role of Football Reporters in Developing Ethical Values
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1BS in Sport Science, Isfahan University
2sport management/ faculty of sport sciences/ university of Isfahan
Media is used to communicate. Communication plays a huge role in learning knowledge and skills and changing attitudes. In describing the function and role of media in social life.Measuring tools and data collection method To gather information after watching 8 football matches and analyzing the reporters' statements, a table of content analysis was prepared and codes that, according to the researcher, according to the objectives of the research, promoted and educated ethics were provided. Got it. At the beginning of this table is a guideline showing how the coder should fill these codes.The tables measure the role of reporters in the four components of the fundamentals of ethics in sport and consist of four parts, the first part of which deals with reducing aggressive behaviors and contains 18 codes. The second part of the code is about reducing the use of incorrect words and has 8 codes. The third part is about following the rules of the game and has 15 codes. And the last part of the code is related to Respect, which has 22 codes.An important part of a television program is the reporter and host of that program. In this research, the type of research is descriptive and the research method is content analysis and type of verbal content analysis. In this way the researcher determines the extent of the role of football reporters in promoting the fundamentals of sports ethics.
Content analysis is often used to identify, analyze, and record the content of print and non-print sources. In these qualitative methods, the basis of the information unit is actually the presence or absence of an attribute. In this way words are studied as a set of quantities, and the phrase and sometimes even the sentences and clauses play such a role.

where a significant portion of the media dedicated to football match reporters has generally been working to promote three of the four components of the research..