The effect of three training methods of HIT, MIT, and HIIT on the expression of ang1 and ang2 genes in subcutaneous adipose tissue of male Wistar rats

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2sport sciences research institute of iran/tehran/iran
3Department of Education and psychology, Sport science faculty, Payame Noor University- Karaj center, Karaj, Iran
4department of education and psychology ,sport science faculty, Payame Noor university -Karaj center,Iran
Nowadays, exercise and various physical activities with unparalleled impact on different aspects of human life are considered as one of the most important solutions to human problems.
One of the most important dangers that threaten human health in the Current era is the issue of obesity which has caused many problems by affecting the physical and even psychological dimensions of man.
Therefore, we aimed to investigate the effect of angiopoietin as one of the most important vital body processes on subcutaneous adipose tissue of male Wistar rats after continuous and intermittent training.
For this purpose, 23 male Wistar rats were divided into 4 groups of 8 HIIT 8 rats (aerobic training) with moderate MIT 8 rats (HIT 8 rats) and control group (CO). Eight rats were randomly assigned to an 8-week exercise program.
24 hours After the last training session, Subcutaneous adipose tissue was sampled from the abdomen. T Then, Ang1 and Ang2 gene expression was measured by RT-PCR method. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS software.
According to the findings of the information obtained analysis, expression of both Ang1 and Ang2 was only increased in HIIT training and in both methods, HIT and MIT showed a decrease compared to the control group.
The results of this study showed that Doing intense periodic workouts in high intensity interval training (HIIT) Increased expression of angiopoietic genes had more effect on reduction of subcutaneous fat mass in male Wistar rats compared to MIT and HIT training.