People's willingness to pay and the economic value of sports

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Assistant Professor in Sport Management,Faculty of Sport Sciences Urmia University, urmia, iran
Pricing of Sports Facilities Functions that No prices are generally, is an important step in correcting economic decisions for the development and growth of the sports industry.
The present study examined the sport fields of Takhti Stadium located at the intersections of Bagh-Shomal, Mirdamad and Tabriz Manzariye. This study is In terms of functional purpose, descriptive-analytical research method and field research in terms of data collection. The statistical population consisted of those who referred to Sports place based on Morgan table 384 persons were selected by stratified random cluster sampling. The research variables were measured by the questionnaire of willingness to pay for sports facilities which consisted of 14 questions in this field. It was obtained from the study of research literature based on Bidaram and et al (2018) questionnaire. The questionnaires were distributed manually and online between different age, gender and social groups and a total of 381 questionnaires were collected from the participants. In order to investigate research questions were used Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) with the help of Spss software version 20 and Eviews software version 9.
The results showed that 58 percent of team sports agreed to pay for sports facilities and 41 percent disagreed. In terms of individual sports, 65 percent agreed and 35 percent were reluctant to pay for sports venues. Regarding individual sports, 65 percent agreed and 35 percent did not want to pay for sports venues. The highest willingness to pay for sports was skate and tennis with 164 and 88 thousand tomans respectively.
The importance of valuing sports facilities and sports is a way to set the good rate and earn an acceptable income. In fact, as long as people are willing to pay for a membership fee which is set higher than the price, this place will be faced with increased demand.