Comparison Quality of Life between Male users and Non-users of Municipal Sport Facilities in Isfahan

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1Master of Sport Management, Isfahan University
2Associate Professor Isfahan of University
One of the today’s popular researches is related to quality of life, which is also demanding among people. Therefore, governments all over of the world should pay more attention to the quality of life and try to decrease the incidents of the physical and mental illnesses and deaths related to it, provide health services, and increase physical, mental and social welfare of people. This study aims at comparing the quality of life between male users and non-users of municipal sport facilities in 14 municipality areas of Isfahan city. The research method was Exposit facio kind. Statistical population of the present research includes all men between 15 to 55 residents in Isfahan, which according to the latest census in 2006, is 538865 men. According to Cochran's formula and using cluster method, the sample size was identified 416 men (208 male user and 208 male none user).The data has collected by a modified version of Quality of Life Questionnaires (WHOQOL – BREEF), which its calculated Reliability coefficient was 0/80. Data analysis is done through, t test, multi-way ANOVA test and LSD post hoc test. The result indicates that, there is a significant difference between the Facility users and non-facility- users quality of life (p = 0/001). The result has also revealed that physical and mental health of male users was better than non-user ones. However, according to data analysis, there is no significant difference between male users and none users of Municipal Sport Facilities (hear after MSF) regarding their environment and social health scores. The findings of this research indicate the positive role of sport in promoting physical and mental health of male users of Isfahan’s MSF; however the findings also revealed no significant difference between the environment health and social relationship of male users and none-users of MSF.