Analysis of teamwork injuries in football teams

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1Master of Sport Management, Isfahan University
2Associate Professor Isfahan of University
teamwork in sport teams is a set of targeted, coherent and coordinated efforts by athletes and the technical staff of a team to achieve a common goal or goals. A topic that is always a concern of sports planners and one of the key issues in the sports community in competitions.
The main purpose of this study was to analyze the challenges of teamwork in football. The three-dimensional model consisting of behavioral, structural and environmental damages was to analyze the challenges.
This study based on the type of data used, quantitative; in terms of purpose is exploration and based on result, is applicable. Research's statistical society were employed players in first division of the football league in year 1397. 126 individuals were stratified randomly selected from each of presented team in Division 1 league as a sample. The research tool was a researcher-made questionnaire on three general components of injuries (structural, behavioral, content) with 53 items, which its validity approved through specialists and reliability obtained with applying 0/89 alpha-Cronbach coefficient.
research's results indicated that existing injuries in the path of teamwork research were identified 52 important and effective indicators. Existence of relationship in players contract, win-lose thinking, lack of teamwork indices training, lack of player performance evaluation system, unresolved teams' conflicts among players, lack of recognition of the status of sports team in the community, manager's failure to meet commitments on time as the most important challenges and unrealistic targeting, the lack of players' trust with club managers, formed and uncomfortable atmosphere among players were in the next priorities.