The role of social media in attracting customer capital in sports

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1Islamic Azad University Science And Research Branch Tehran
Most sports marketing companies are looking for what it takes to attract sports capital, including the way they are bought, the number of purchases, the place and the reason for their purchase, and so on to find the right answers for them. The research on attracting investment in sports with an emphasis on the role of social media has a limited background.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of social media in attracting customer capital in sport.
This research is a descriptive-survey method and a field goal in terms of purpose and data collection. The statistical population of the study consisted of clients of bodybuilding clubs in Tehran, which, given their uncertainty, was considered to have an infinite statistical population and the Cochran formula for uncertain communities was used to determine the sample size, with a sample size of 384 individuals. Estimated. The research tool was Hansen's Social Media Questionnaire (2015) with 30 items and Asker Zadeh's 2011 Attraction Questionnaire (2011) with 17 items. Since the default regression test is the normality of the data and the significance of the correlation test is Pearson's correlation coefficient test to measure the correlation of variables and regression test to determine the effect of independent variable on dependent and structural equation method with PLS software. Explanation of internal relationships was used.
The findings of factor analysis of the five factors, respectively, affect the first priority of event related to managerial factors, financial-supportive factor, cultural-promotional factor and motivational factor in attracting customer capital in sport. Finally, a high index of goodness of fit indicates a model fit of 0.4. The value of the fit index is 0.487, indicating that the model is suitable.
It can be concluded that the factors that increase the excitement and increase the number of spectators and attract the media to the stadium are very important in attracting sports capital with emphasis on the role of social media.