Keywords = Flexibility
Number of Proceedings: 6

1 Examining Exercise Programs on Physical Fitness, Depression and Automation of Mashhad Fire and Security Services Personnel
mojtaba alimadad*; reza siyamaki
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2 The Effect of Brain Gym Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility of Elder Male
Rasool AŮŽbedanzadeh*; Maryam Tootak
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3 Normative data for the Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness (CSTF) in people with Intellectual Disability
Hojjatollah Siavoshy*; Hamid Agha Alinejad; Ali Kashi; Mohammad Ali Samavati Sharif; Masoumeh Helalizadeh
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4 Comparison of musculoskeletal fitness between preschool girls and boys in Tehran city
Fakhroddin Rezaei*; Mahdi Bayati; Reza Mohammadghashghaei; Neda Soorgi; Nahid Allafan; Sadegh Amani-Shalamzari
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5 Comparative analysis of the effect of a traditional Pilates and MK Pilates training course on selected biomechanical variables in middle-aged female athletes
Mina Hashemian*; Haidar Sadeghi; Mahdi Taghavi
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6 Determining the relationship between elasticity (range of motion) of the ankle and knee with the Quality of life of people with Visual impairment at the University of Tehran.
kamal mohammadkhani*; Mohammad Hani Mansori; Mohammad Kirimizadeh Ardakani
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